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Who I am

My name is Marijn Schouten-de Visser and I am a qualified translator specialising in translations from English and Spanish into Dutch. I graduated in Spanish Linguistics from the University of Groningen. Before this, I graduated from the Translation Academy in Maastricht with Spanish as my major language. My titles are Master of Arts (MA) and Bachelor of Communication (Bc). After my studies I worked in Spain for three years at Ciao! GmbH. I am sworn to the court in Groningen for translations in the combinations Spanish-Dutch and English-Dutch.

Experience in translation

In 2000 I started at the Translation Academy in Maastricht. During my studies I made some freelance translations. My work placements at Philips and Adventia, a pilot school in Spain, were also translation related. From 2004 until 2006 I worked at Ciao! in Spain where I translated surveys and the Dutch website of Ciao! GmbH. Since I have established Pearl Translations in 2009, I have been translating for many clients.


My native language is Dutch and I am near native in Spanish and English. Additionally, I can read and understand German, French and Italian.

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