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Pearl Translations


Translating a text is not as easy as you might think. You could use a computer translation programme, but these kinds of programmes usually miss the true essence of the text. Therefore, it is better to let a professional translator do it for you. This way you can be sure that the translated text has the same impact as the original one.


Pearl Translations offers quality translations and has an eye for detail. Of course, in doing so Pearl Translations abides by the deadline.


You are welcome for the translation of a variety of texts, including technical, legal, commercial, tourist and artistic texts. At Pearl Translations we speak your language! Pearl Translations also offers sworn translations.

Types of texts

Below are a number of specific examples of texts Pearl Translations translates:

  • Technical texts: Manuals, Websites, IT
  • Legal texts: Sworn Certificates and Diplomas, Sworn Birth Certificates, Sworn Income Statements, Sworn Adoption Certificates, Lease Agreements, Contracts, Terms and Conditions
  • Commercial texts: Press Releases, Cosmetics, Clothing
  • Tourist texts: Hotel Descriptions, Holiday Destinations
  • Artistic texts: Fabrics, Painting Descriptions

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